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Brand Name, New & Gently Used Children's Clothing in Boardman, OH

Check out the "What We Buy" page.  You can bet that whatever we buy, we sell!   And more....


Not only do we sell kids stuff, we sell peace of mind.  Safety is of utmost importance in everything we sell. Our buyers are trained to check all goods for recalls and to ensure that all safety standards are met on all items we buy.  If a product has been recalled for safety defects, we don't buy it, period -- even if it has been retro-fitted.  You won't find this level of peace of mind anywhere else you buy second-hand.

We also sell Value.  Incredible Value.  Lots of advertising tries to convince you that their product provides you great value for your money.  Most of the time, their "value" is intangible.  They spend a lot of money to make you think you got high quality for a good price.  At Once Upon A Child, you  see the amazing value everyday, every time you shop here.  You can see for yourself that you saved up to 70% off the price you would have to pay at a 'mall' or "mart" store for the EXACT same item.  And sometimes the savings are even bigger.  And it's always on high quality goods because that is what we buy from our customrs.  That is TRUE value... directly to YOU.

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Once Upon A Child Boardman

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